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ABOUT Arthritis Pain

Physical Activity - The Arthritis Pain Reliever

“Physical Activity - the Arthritis Pain Reliever” is a health communications campaign for general use by state health departments and their partners.

The campaign was developed after conducting extensive formative research to promote physical activity as a method of arthritis self-management. Physical activity can have an important impact and beneficial effect on arthritis pain and associated disability.

The campaign is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Raise awareness of physical activity as a way to manage arthritis pain and increase function

  • Increase understanding of how to use physical activity (types and duration) to ease arthritis symptoms and prevent further disability

  • Enhance the confidence of persons with arthritis that they can be physically active

  • Increase trial of physical activity behaviors

The target audience for the campaign includes men and women with arthritis, physician-diagnosed or self-diagnosed, who have the following characteristics:

  • African American or Caucasian

  • Ages 45 to 64 years

  • High school education or less

  • Income less than $35,000 a year

  • Arthritis that has begun to or threatens to have negative impact on valued life roles

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